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The Tale of Rhythm - Our Hotel in Kumarakom

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Our Story

Kerala is called God's Own Country and rightfully so. The region is blessed with lush landscapes and hard working people who appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature. Through all our travels, we have always been enamoured by the landscape here and were very fortunate when we got an opportunity to take over a wonderful property located right on the banks of Lake Vembanad - a perfect spot to enjoy the majestic Kerala backwaters.

What sets our hotel in Kumarakom apart is its unique location and authentic architecture. There is a wonderful flow of wind and natural energy that originates from the Lake, travels over the long swimming pool, and circulates throughout the resort. The property houses India's longest swimming pool in any resort at a length of over 150 metres. From Aveda Resort Kumarakom to Rhythm Kumarakom, we have come a long way.

We invite you to come and experience magical sunsets amidst the backwaters while relaxing in the turquoise waters of our swimming pool!

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