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Kumarakom Sightseeing

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How long have you been waiting to spend your days surrounded by nature? Visit Kumarakom, the town that offers a memorable getaway in God’s own country, Kerala. This gorgeous village, packed with verdant grasslands, is a sight for sore eyes. Mangrove forests and coconut trees add to its charm and beauty. The breathtaking views Kumarakom offer seem nothing short of paradisiacal. Soothe your soul to the calm and comforting silence with a serene stay.

Alleppey is the first place that comes up in someone’s mind when they think of backwaters, but the backwaters of Kumarakom in the neighbouring district of Kottayam are a lesser-known gem away from the busy city. The serene landscape of the lagoons explored in a houseboat is one of the things to do in Kumarakom. Savour the local cuisine on a houseboat and do away with your hunger pangs. The cheerful local villages, the fishermen catching fish, and the sweet silence as you move gradually on the backwaters all show you Kumarakom at its best. You cannot miss out on the art constructed with driftwood at the Bay Island Driftwood Museum. Take in the exquisite art in this museum and indulge yourself in the cultural experience of Kumarakom. Another one of the places to visit in Kumarakom is the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary or Vembanad Bird Sanctuary. This place is spread across 14 acres and is a haven for bird enthusiasts, a perfect spot to relax your mind amidst the sweet chirping of our feathered friends. Many migratory birds like Siberian cranes, flycatchers, larks, waterfowls and more reside in this sanctuary. A boat ride in Vembanad Lake is an unforgettable experience you must not miss.

Kumarakom sightseeing involves a lot of travel. Fatigue is a given after a whole day of touristy experiences. It is necessary to stay in a room that recharges you completely to travel the next day. Rhythm Kumarakom offers the perfect stay for you to cherish every moment you spend in the town. Our luxurious lake-facing rooms are sure to make your stay a memorable one. You can enjoy activities like birdwatching, houseboat lunches, kayaking, spa and get them curated to your wishes with our dedicated activities manager.

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