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Summer Season in Kerala

An overview of a beach in Kerala with flowers in the foreground

While the monsoon season paints the state in vibrant green, summer in Kerala offers a unique charm often overlooked by travellers. Read to know more.


Chennai to Kumarakom

Peaceful backwaters lined with lush palm trees under a clear blue sky - Kumarakom

In this blog, we will share a guide to a perfect weekend getaway from Chennai to Kumarakom, including captivating stopovers along the way.

Kumarakom Museum

an overview of a museum with paintings hung on the wall and spotlight kept on it

Here are the top 5 museums in Kumarakom that offer a fascinating glimpse into the region's rich heritage, artistic traditions, and unique craftsmanship.


Chennai to Kumarakom

Peaceful backwaters lined with lush palm trees under a clear blue sky - Kumarakom

In this blog, we will share a guide to a perfect weekend getaway from Chennai to Kumarakom, including captivating stopovers along the way.

Kochi Weekend Getaway

many pink lotus blooming just above the water with other weeds surrounding it

Join us on a scenic Kerala short trip from Kochi to Kumarakom and explore five enchanting destinations along the way.


History of Kumarakom

An overview of the kumarakom backwaters with a boat on the side and forest cover on either side

From its humble beginnings as a cluster of small villages to its emergence as a tourist destination, Kumarakom's journey is a testament to Kerala's heritage.

Places to visit in Kumarakom

A traditional houseboat with a thatched roof is floating on the calm backwaters, flanked by lush greenery and palm trees reflecting in the water - Kumarakom

Explore an exciting journey through Kumarakom, where the magnificent Vembanad Lake, vivid bird life, cascaded Aruvikkuzhi waterfalls and fascinating Driftwood Museum of Bay Island are awaiting to amaze your senses!


Water Sports in Kumarakom

Well-tended tea gardens of Munnar with hills at the backdrop - best honeymoon places in Kerala

Ready to paddle, splash, and speed your way through Kumarakom's thrilling water adventures? Here, we present the best water sports one can enjoy while visiting Kumarakom 

How to Reach Kumarakom from Bangalore

a solitary boar travelling on a lake in Kumarakom with the sun setting in the background

Planning a getaway to the serene beauty of Kumarakom from Bangalore? Here's a guide on different ways to reach Kumarakom by air, train, or road.


Romantic Kerala: Best Honeymoon Places in Kerala

Well-tended tea gardens of Munnar with hills at the backdrop - best honeymoon places in Kerala

Here, we present five of the best honeymoon places in Kerala that promise to make your romantic getaway truly unforgettable.


Pathiramanal Island: A Serene Oasis in Kumarakom's Backwaters


In this blog, we'll embark on a virtual journey to the blissful Pathiramanal Island and things to do there during your stay in Kumarakom.


Vaikom Mahadeva Temple: Kerala's Timeless Spiritual Legacy

shiva-4810614 1280

In this blog, we will embark on a journey to explore the captivating history and spiritual significance of the ancient Vaikom Mahadeva Temple.


Kumarakom Tourism Model: Sustainable Tourism in Kerala

A boatride along the lovely backwaters of Kerala - Kumarakom Tourism

Kumarakom has embraced Responsible Tourism to foster sustainable development. Let us dive into what responsible tourism in Kumarakom is all about.


Kerala Ayurveda: An Immersive Wellness Journey

A woman getting a back massage - Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala is renowned worldwide for Ayurveda. Explore how this ancient wellness practice evolved in the state leading to Ayurveda tourism in Kerala.


Vallam Kali - Snake Boat Race in Kerala

pexels-titoni-thomas-8377242 1

Kerala, the enchanting land of backwaters and cultural vibrancy, hosts numerous captivating festivals and events that showcase the essence of its heritage. Among these, Vallam Kali, also known as the Snake Boat Race, stands as one of the most famous and thrilling events in Kerala.


Onam: Harvest Festival of Kerala


Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala, is an exuberant celebration that brings together people from all walks of life to revel in the rich tapestry of culture and tradition that defines this southern Indian state.


Exploring Monsoon Tourism in Kerala & Embrace the Enchantment

a beautiful river in a tropical rainforest covered in fog

Experience the enchantment of Kerala's monsoon season as rainfall transforms "God's Own Country" into a lush paradise. Indulge in ayurvedic treatments, explore the picturesque village of Kumarakom & immerse yourself in the raw beauty of Kerala's monsoons.


Unveiling Kerala's Delights: A Memorable 5-Day Trip Itinerary

silhouettes of a people standing near fort kochi during the day

Discover the wonders of Kerala in a delightful 5-day journey. Immerse yourself in cultural heritage in Kochi, cruise through serene backwaters, explore the majestic Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, wander amidst picturesque tea gardens in Munnar & encounter exotic wildlife in Thekkady. 


10 Interesting Facts about Kerala


Kerala, also known as "God's Own Country," is a state located on the southwestern coast of India. In this blog, we will take a look at some important facts about Kerala that you may not have known before.


Why Kerala is Called God’s Own Country


Kerala, located on the southwestern coast of India, is a land of immense beauty and diversity. Known for its serene backwaters, picturesque beaches, lush green forests, and misty hills, Kerala is often referred to as “God’s Own Country.”


Kerala Cuisines: Traditional Food of Kerala

Assortment of several food items

Kerala cuisines are a blend of unique flavors, aromas, and textures. The traditional food of Kerala is an integral part of the state's cultural identity.


Solo Trip to Kerala

solo woman travel in Kerala

Kerala is an excellent destination for solo travellers, providing ample opportunities to experience local culture and cuisine at your own pace.


Malarikkal Sunset View Point and Water Lily

india-165346 1920

Malarikkal is a hidden gem near Kumarakom in Kottayam, Kerala. Two things you must not miss during your visit here are the sunset viewpoint and the water lily.


A Family Holiday in Kumarakom

family-2611748 1920

With so much to see and do, Kumarakom is the perfect destination for a relaxing and enjoyable family holiday in Kerala.


Ettumanur Shri Mahadevar Temple

an old temple temple building situated on a platform filled with lush greenery

People from various parts of the country travel to Kottayam to visit the Ettumanur Shri Mahadevar Temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva


Best Backwaters in Kerala

A house boat containing people floating on a narrow stream flanked by coconut trees on either sides

We have picked some of the best backwaters of Kerala that you must explore during your visit to God's Own Country.


Alleppey or Kumarakom

a striking view of a lake in Kumarakom

Confused about where to visit between Alleppey and Kumarakom? Read more to know about the best of both.


Experience The Best Boat Ride in Kumarakom

elegant boathouse in Kumarakom captured during the day

The backwaters of Kumarakom have one surprise after the other lined up for you. When in the city, take a boat ride in Kumarakom.


Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls


Read on to learn more about the gorgeous Aruvikkuzhi Waterfalls, a stunning natural masterpiece that you must visit during your next trip to Kerala.


Jatayu Rock


Jatayu Rock is an architectural masterpiece in Kollam that needs to be on your list of places to visit in Kerala.


Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

a Fork-tailed drongo sitting on a tree

Visit the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and witness the beauty of different indigenous and migratory birds like Siberian cranes, woodpeckers, etc.

Kumarakom Village Tour

elegant boathouse in Kumarakom captured during the day

Kumarakom is the ideal tourist destination and offers houseboat experience on the enchanting backwaters of Kerala.


The Perfect Kumarakom Itinerary

fishing net at a harbor in Kochi

What to do on a trip to Kumarakom stressing you out? Follow this itinerary that brings you the best experiences of Kumarakom for a trip you will remember forever.


Team Outing in Kerala

a silhouette of a group of people on a mountain

Rhythm Hospitality’s blissful resort that caters to every need of yours, making Kumarakom one of the best team outing places in Kerala.


Reaching Kumarakom

a boat on the Vembanad lake to reach Kumarakom from Alleppey

Kumarakom, sitting on the backwaters of Kerala, abundant with lush green views, has ample travel options from many cities in Kerala...


The Best Time to Visit Kumarakom

houseboat on the backwaters in Kumarakom

Kumarakom is a fantastic destination if you want to sit back and relax in the company of nature. What the best time to visit Kumarakom is, you ask?