elegant boathouse in Kumarakom captured during the day

Experience The Best Boat Ride in Kumarakom

You've definitely heard of Kumarakom, one of Kerala's most fascinating and refreshing cities, and its lush paradise. This beautiful tourist destination, made up of island clusters encircling the Vembanad Lake, is a haven for nature lovers and a visual treat for everyone. You can opt to relax in a lovely resort, take in a kathakali show, go fishing, have an ayurvedic massage, take a Kumarakom boat ride, or even spend the night on a gorgeous houseboat while you're there.

People sitting inside the shikara boats taking in the beautiful surroundings

The backwaters of Kumarakom have one surprise after the other lined up for you. It is a must to take a boat ride in Kumarakom. The length of the ride and the boat sizes vary. Depending on which suits your needs most, you can pick one of them. A boat could be a straightforward, manually propelled vessel or a "shikara", a slightly more elegant vessel with chairs and occasionally even a daybed. Most shikaras are powered by small motors. On these boats, you can travel the length of the lagoon in one hour. It is a singular experience, especially as you enter the smaller canals bordered by neighbourhood homes. While rowing through these canals, you might see how the life of the villages unfolds. You'll observe folks going about their daily activities, doing chores, fishing, cleaning dishes or clothing, or just unwinding in their backyards beside the canals.

One of the heavenly things to do in Kumarakom is to live on a houseboat and cruise through the picturesque backwaters. Many visitors rent houseboats on Vembanad Lake, formed by the confluence of 10 Malabar Rivers, because of its stunning scenery, lush green plantations along the banks, and stunning lake itself. The houseboats are equipped with all necessary and luxurious amenities and managed by skilful organisations whose expertise lies in providing the highest satisfaction while helping you savour the breathtaking beauty of Kumarakom. Some houseboats offer mouth-watering lunch spreads that you can enjoy with your family.

elegant boathouse in Kumarakom captured during the day
open-air lobby with classy furniture

At Rhythm Kumarakom, we strive to provide you with the perfect mix of tourist experiences with the right amount of space to be with yourself. Come and enjoy the special Kumarakom houseboat lunch we offer, relax and bask in the Kumarakom beauty as you set sail in the Vembanad Lake. Take back beautiful memories of the scenic backwaters from one of the best boat ride in Kumarakom and cherish these memories forever.