houseboat on the backwaters in Kumarakom

The Best Time to Visit Kumarakom

Surrounded by the mesmerising backwaters of Kerala, Kumarakom is a visually pleasing gem in God’s own country. The stunning greenery and serenity on offer make this town a must-visit for anyone who loves being close to nature. It is a year-round destination, offering a myriad of experiences. However, people often wonder what is the best time to visit Kumarakom. Before you ask this, let us tell you about the beauty of what comes with every season here.

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The winter season is one of the best seasons to visit Kumarakom. Starting from September, the winter usually lasts until the end of March. It offers moderately cold winter days which are pleasant enough to rest and explore the paradisiacal location. The sunsets and sunrises are a sight for sore eyes. Spend some time on a backwater cruise around Kumarakom during the winter season and feel its aura hypnotising you with each passing second. Since this season attracts relatively higher crowds, it’s always advised to book your stay prior.

The monsoon season brings with it enormous amounts of downpour and a poetic atmosphere one can get lost in. Starting from June and lasting all the way till September, this period sees heavy to moderate rainfalls. Backwater services remain closed due to the incessant drizzle and rising water levels. Since monsoon is the ideal time for Ayurveda treatments, one can find ayurvedic resorts and indulge in peaceful massages. This season’s tranquil atmosphere and soul-soothing energy are something you will never forget. It is one of Kumarakom’s best time to visit for monsoon lovers.

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man rowing his boat in Kumarakom

The hot and humid climate of Kumarakom’s summer has its own vibe. The vibrant and pleasant mornings and evenings make your experience worthwhile, with temperatures fluctuating between 24 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius. The greenery of Kumarakom also shines bright with the sun lighting it with a stunning shade of green. Summer attracts people from different parts of the country, but we always save a room for you at Rhythm Kumarakom. Choose our elegant stay and spend a memorable time in Kumarakom!

Kumarakom calls you to have a vacation that stays in your memories for a lifetime. Its landscapes leave you awestruck and the sounds of nature sound like a symphony. When in Kumarakom, choose a stay that exceeds your expectations and bestows you with an indelible sojourn with your loved ones. Rhythm Kumarakom, our remarkable resort, caters to your needs for comfort and peace while you have an unforgettable time here. There is no best season to visit Kumarakom, credit to its eternal beauty. But one thing that’s best here is the experiences you can indulge in. Soak in the calmness and illuminate yourself with the serene views of Kumarakom!

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