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BW Hotelier


BW Hotelier

‘Investments have shot up post-pandemic’

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ET Hospitality World

Curating an experience close to nature

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ET Hospitality World

Rhythm Hospitality brings its ‘Condotel’ model to Kumarakom Kerala, takes over Aveda Kumarakom luxury resort


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ET Travel World

Rhythm Hospitality acquires Aveda Kumarakom luxury resort in Kerala


BW Hotelier press release


BW Hotelier

Rhythm ResiTel partners with Aveda Kumarakom

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Find a tranquil paradise at the Rhythm Kumarakom, a serene haven for travellers seeking a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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The Hindu

Rhythm Hospitality to reopen Aveda Kumarakom luxury resort in Kerala in July