A woman getting a back massage - Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda: An Immersive Wellness Journey

Welcome to the captivating realm of Ayurveda in Kerala, a land where this ancient healing system thrives as a mainstream medicine like nowhere else in India. Steeped in centuries of tradition, Kerala boasts a multitude of Ayurvedic medical colleges and hospitals across the state, making it a hub for the practice and preservation of this holistic science of healing.

Ayurveda, which translates to "the science of life", encompasses a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of the mind, body and soul. In recent years, Kerala has emerged as a haven for Ayurveda tourism, drawing travellers from around the globe seeking rejuvenation, relaxation and a deeper connection with themselves amidst the tranquil backwaters, greenery and serene beaches. Here are a few interesting facts about Ayurveda in Kerala.

A woman getting a back massage - Kerala Ayurveda

Kerala Ayurveda History

The foundation of Ayurveda rests upon the sacred text Ashtanga Hridaya, authored by Vagbhata. The latter was an influential writer, doctor and advisor of Ayurveda. He was also a disciple of Charaka, “the father of plastic surgery”. Throughout history, select Nampoothiri (Brahmin) families have carried the legacy of being the original Ayurvedic physicians, and their descendants still hold the prestigious title of Ashtavaidyan. Today, this timeless science resonates across the entirety of India, but it is in Kerala where its essence thrives the most.nbsp;

Why Kerala is Famous for Ayurveda

Kerala is renowned worldwide for its deep-rooted association with Ayurveda, and its fame in this ancient healing system stems from several factors. Firstly, Kerala is one of the few places in India where Ayurveda is widely integrated into mainstream healthcare, with numerous Ayurvedic medical colleges and hospitals scattered across the state. Secondly, the region's natural abundance of medicinal herbs, plants and pristine environments provides an ideal setting for the cultivation of Ayurvedic remedies.  

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Kerala's tropical climate and unique geographical features further contribute to the potency of its Ayurvedic treatments. Moreover, Kerala Ayurveda's crown jewel, the revered Panchakarma, attracts seekers of wellness and rejuvenation from all corners of the globe. Embracing Ayurveda in Kerala means experiencing a holistic approach to well-being that harmonises mind, body and spirit, making it a truly unparalleled and celebrated destination for Ayurvedic seekers worldwide.

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Ayurveda Tourism in Kerala

Ayurveda tourism in Kerala is a transformative journey into the realm of holistic healing and rejuvenation. The state boasts myriad Ayurvedic treatment centres, each offering a diverse array of therapies catering to individual needs. From Rasayana Chikitsa, which rejuvenates and strengthens all tissues, to Kayakalpa Chikitsa, a body immunisation treatment that slows the ageing process, Kerala's Ayurvedic offerings are abundant. The inclusion of Sweda Karma, Panchakarma, meditation, yoga, and even cosmetic and body slimming treatments creates a comprehensive wellness experience. Travellers from around the world seek solace and healing through the time-honoured wisdom of Ayurvedic therapies in Kerala.  

Kumarakom Ayurveda

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Shirodhara treatment

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