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Kumarakom, famous for its magnificent landscapes, tranquil lakes and delicious food, is an ideal location for a peaceful escape. Adding to the tranquillity of your vacation are the rejuvenating ayurvedic spas. Immersing yourself in these spa experiences ensures you are fully revitalised before you return to the fast pace of city life.

Spaveda, located at Rhythm Kumarakom, offers the best Kumarakom Ayurveda packages, which include a range of therapies and treatments designed to enhance your experience and foster relaxation amidst nature. Here, you can indulge in various health and beauty therapies under the care of a qualified, experienced and certified Ayurvedic doctor.

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The variety of therapies and treatments offered at our spa include:
  • Relax and Rejuvenate: Experience the best Ayurvedic massage in Kumarakom, including a range of therapies and treatments such as rejuvenation massage, head massage and Marma massage, where pressure is applied to vital points and muscles. Additionally, we offer specialised lower leg and foot massages, neck and shoulder massages and deep tissue Balinese massages.

  • Destress and Detox: Experience a variety of therapies focused on destressing and detoxifying. These treatments typically involve the application of lukewarm medicated oil to specific body parts. Our range includes therapies for alleviating body pains, promoting fat reduction and offering full-body massages for overall wellness.

  • Pain Relief and Joint Care: Experience relief with warm oil therapies and treatments targeting the back, spine, knees, neck and chest. You can also avail of Pichu therapy, which involves a warm, medicated oil-soaked cotton pad being placed on inflamed joints or muscles for pain relief.

  • Beauty and Skin Care: Under beauty and skin care treatments, we offer various facials, body scrubs, pedicures and manicures, along with combinations of body massages, scrubs and facials for comprehensive care.

  • Women's Wellness: Tailored for women, this category offers anti-acne therapy, weight loss trim scrubs, anti-hair fall treatments, anti-dandruff herbal packs and Tharuni Kanthi, a complete body skin polish with honey massage for cleansing and toning.

  • Yoga and Meditation: You can also engage in rejuvenating yoga and meditation sessions for holistic wellness provided at our hotel.


Revitalise and relax with our Ayurvedic spa in Kumarakom during your stay, designed to rebalance both your physical and mental well-being. Let go of your stress and concerns and attain a state of mental tranquillity and peace at the best Kumarakom Ayurvedic resort.

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