Green valley view from a high vantage point

A Visit To Tiger Point Lonavala

Trying to find reasons why Lonavala is such a favourite among travellers? Tiger Point, also known as Tiger Hill Lonavala, is atop of that list, and rightfully so! If the name piqued your interest then know that it's not because you can spot tigers here, but because the view of the valley from the top of the hill resembles a tiger leaping into it. Also the reason why the place gets the name Tiger's Leap in Lonavala.

Visiting Tiger Point in monsoon is the best! The dew-filled grassy hills that sparkle as the sun peeks through the clouds and the mist-kissed valley that stretches as far as the eye can see is just the beginning of the list. The small waterfalls that spring up during this season add that extra touch of beauty to the landscape and is sure to mesmerise any beholder.

During peak season, you can see plenty of cars parked on the hills, everyone trying to catch a glimpse of the canvas that lies 650 m below. But if you really want to witness the true magnificence of this haven, then you have to camp in these hills. Waking up to the chilly mornings and witnessing the golden glow light up the sky is something you won't forget in your lifetime. This is probably what people call heavenly feels!

Be it with your family or friends, as a romantic spot or even for solo traveller enthusiasts, this place won't let you down. And if this was not enough to bring you here, the idea of slurping hot Maggi and biting into crispy, hot cheesy pakodas and other treats from the snack shops in the chill of the monsoon will surely be enough to drag you to Tiger Hill Lonavala!

And if you plan on making your visit the complete deal, then you can't miss out on a stay at the most preferred resort in Lonavala - Rhythm Lonavala!

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