Lonavala in Winter

Lonavala in Winter

Lonavala is a breathtaking hill station in the state of Maharashtra that entices travellers from all over the world to pay a visit. Its phenomenal viewpoints, pleasant temperatures, tranquil living conditions, and a myriad of tourist destinations make Lonavala a worthwhile destination across the year. However, if you do not mind the chill and enjoy the sweater weather, then do not shy away from visiting the quaint hill town during the winter months of October and February. The temperature remains cool and ranges from 11°C and 25°C. Let the sunshine caress your face as the cool air embraces you!

Places to Visit in Lonavala in Winter

Lonavala in November starts to get cooler and calmer, making it a suitable time to enjoy participating in adventure sports and devouring hot food and drinks. It complements the chilly weather perfectly and allows travellers to explore the town wholeheartedly. Some of the best places in Lonavala to visit in winter are:

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort is a significant military site that can be reached by trekking. The trek is quite easy, making it ideal for beginners as well. The trek exposes its travellers to mind-blowing views of nature and the scenic surroundings. It is a great activity to indulge in during the winter months. Visiting this hill fortress is one of the best adventure rendezvous in Lonavala.

Tiger’s Point

Tiger’s Point, also known as Tiger’s Leap, is one of the most riveting tourist locations in Lonavala in December and other winter months. Covered in fog, the point lets you embrace the misty summits and the panorama of lush greenery, forests, and waterfalls. It also serves as a great view to experience the poetic sunrises and sunsets with your loved ones. For adventure enthusiasts, there is a waterfall near the viewpoint that is open for water sports like rafting. Trekkers can also indulge in a refreshing trek to the nearby hills.

Freinds chilling on a hill peak
Swimming pool in front of a white resort building

Tikona Fort

Tikona Fort is yet another hill fort that allures travellers to explore. The fort exposes visitors to the marvellous views of Pawna Lake and the surrounding lush green valleys. There are a few trekking trails that can be used by those who wish to explore nature and partake in the exhilarating activity. With the temperature being pleasant, the trek seems like a great way to reach the hill fort and embrace the enamouring visuals.

On your visit to the mesmerising hill town of Lonavala, do not miss out on these popular destinations during your winter vacation. And for a luxurious stay, reserve opulent suites at Rhythm Lonavala. Our resort graciously welcomes you to an elegant lifestyle. Its location amid hills makes the resort a desirable choice of accommodation amongst couples, families, and honeymooners.