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Visit the Famous Temples in Lonavala

When one thinks of Lonavala, what comes to mind is a weekend getaway destination celebrated for its towering hills, dense greenery and picturesque picnic spots. But there lies so much more to the beauty of this enamouring place. Lonavala is nothing short of a paradise that offers a package of breathtaking attractions that kick your boredom away. Lonavala is home to a plethora of temples that date back centuries. These temples, displaying ancient architecture and a serene aura, bring incessant positivity and joy.

Ekvira Devi Temple

Ekvira Devi Temple sits close to the Karla Caves on the Lonavala-Pune road. Dating back to the time of rulers, this temple attracts crowds from across India who come here for the deity Goddess Ekvira, also known as Renuka in some places. According to popular folklore, the temple was built by the Pandavas overnight after seeking blessings from Goddess Ekvira. The temple is situated adjacent to mountains, which makes the visit worthwhile. A trip to Lonavala is incomplete without spending some time at Ekvira Devi Temple.

picture of the deity at kevira devi temple
close up of decor at narayani dham temple in lonavala

Shri Narayani Dham Temple

Shri Narayani Dham temple was built in the year 2002 in the Dhankawadi area of Lonavala. The deity, Ma Narayani, is believed to be an avatar of three Indian goddesses. Goddesses Durga, Laxmi and Saraswati together signify Ma Narayani who signifies peace, goodness and righteousness of the world. The temple is made out of white marble, giving it a palatial appearance. Soak in the calmness of this temple while gazing at the glaring architecture.

Shri Durga Parameshwari Temple

Shri Durga Parameshwari Temple is one of the famous temples in Lonavala. The consecrated architecture is constructed with white marble stones, making it shine like a diamond under the rays of the sun. This temple displays beautifully moulded South Indian architecture, capable of swaying anyone who witnesses it. Worshipping the deity, Goddess Durga, the temple is known for blessing and empowering women. Elude the worries of routine life and visit this must-visit temple. A one-of-a-kind experience is assured when you come here!

goddess durga at a temple in lonavala
sai baba statue at a temple in lonavala

Shri Saibaba Temple

Shri Saibaba temple holds a special meaning in the hearts of many. It circulates divine energy that you can feel at the very first step inside the temple. Positivity seeps in as you witness the carved sculptures here. A Saibaba idol made of marble sits on the throne, looking magical. Sing along with the melodious chants and submerse in devotion. This temple has been a holy attraction for people all over the country.

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