Image of a man standing with a walking stick as he looks on to the valleys in the distance

Treks Near Pune

Today, there are plenty of ways for people to break the monotony of fast-paced city life. While there are a plethora of activities for people to partake in, trekking has gained popularity over the years. Not only is it an exciting activity for adrenaline seekers, but it is also a great workout that improves strength, agility and cardiovascular endurance.

Trekking near Pune is ideal for beginners due to the sheer number of options that this terrain offers. There are plenty of trails that come in varying degrees of difficulty, and therefore, we have hand-picked routes that both novices and experts can enjoy! It is noteworthy to mention that night treks are recommended for moderately experienced trekkers. However, novices can also take part in it as long as they are accompanied by experienced trekkers.

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Matheran (Day Trek)

Difficulty: Easy
The One Tree Hill trail in Matheran is perfect for beginners who wish to explore trekking. Here, participants begin their journey with an 8 km uphill climb leading to the summit, which offers a panoramic view. This trail is called One Tree Hill since the summit features only one tree growing in that area. The view is breathtaking and certainly serves as a wonderful reward for the effort put in during the trek.

Image of people standing on a platform that overlooks the neighbouring valleys
Image of a valleys and clear skies during day time

Tikona Fort (Day Trek)

Difficulty: Moderate
Tikona Fort is one of the most popular tourist spots in Lonavala. This is an exciting trail that should ideally be explored during the monsoon season. The temperature and humidity during summer are quite high and the weather is rather pleasant during the rainy season. The trek starts at a small hamlet named Tikona Peth. Adventurers traverse through the rocky terrain for about one and a half hours to reach the fort, which is situated 3500 ft. above sea level. While the distance between the neighbouring town and the base of the fort is merely 1 km, the ascent is quite challenging. But once you reach the pinnacle, you will be rewarded with a sweeping view of the valleys and the Pawna Dam.

Rajmachi (Night Trek)

Difficulty: Moderate
There are plenty of trails to choose from while trekking to Rajmachi Fort, but this is a trek that should be done at night. Just before the onset of the monsoon season, one can spot thousands of fireflies in this area. The fort is about 16 km from Lonavala. Trekkers usually camp at the Udehwadi Village and begin their ascent towards the fort. The pleasant weather, visual stimulation and the view from the summit are some of the highlights of this trek.

Image of fireflies illuminating the grass firld
Image of a city skyline seen from a vantage point at night

K2S (Night Trek)

Difficulty: Intermediate
If you are looking for a night trek near Pune, then K2S should be on your list. K2S, or Katraj to Sinhagad, is a trail that should ideally be explored towards the end of the monsoon season. This trail is perfect for a night trek since the summit proves to be a great vantage point from which trekkers can view Pune’s skyline. Trekkers can start their journey in Katraj, and climb about 13 hills before they reach Sinhagad Fort. This trek is approximately 13-14 km long and takes about 8 hours to reach the fort.