Kune Falls

Weekend Getaway in Lonavala - The Perfect Escapade

Staying in Mumbai, the ‘City of Dreams’ and its neighbouring metropolis of Pune are the perfect destinations for a short trip. Commitments at work, hectic commutes and mundane schedules do weigh you down at times. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and move to the calm environs of the Western Ghats with a weekend getaway in Lonavala.

Due to its strategic placement, Lonavala is an easy drive from both Mumbai and Pune. The availability of a number of luxurious resorts, tourist spots and adventure activities make it easier for people to plan and execute a weekend trip to Lonavala. So call your friends and family and plan the perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai or Pune to Lonavala!

Explore Bhaja Caves and Karla Caves

Bhaja Caves, crowned as one of the national monuments of India, is a cave complex that houses some of the oldest caves in India. Dating back to the 1st-century BCE and 2nd-century BCE, these are a group of 22 rock-cut caves known for their striking interiors and the stupas that are located inside them. Karla Caves is another famous spot to visit if you are in Lonavala on a weekend getaway from Pune or Mumbai. Dating back to the period between 2nd-century BC to 5th-century CE, these are a complex of rock-cut caves that houses beautiful Buddhoist shrines.

Stone caves

Enjoy a splash at the Bhushi Dam

One of the most picturesque spots in Lonavala, Bhushi Dam is built near River Indrayani. The water tripping down the stairs of the dam is one of the beautiful and pictured sights in Lonavala. People visiting this place can enjoy a quick splash or a boating experience. The rugged terrains and forested greenery that surrounds this place make it the perfect spot for picnics and nature walks. Visitors can also enjoy hot teas and pakoras from local stalls and embrace the serenity.

Have a trip to the mesmeric waterfalls of Lonavala

Weekend getaways in Lonavala can never be complete without a sightseeing tour of its famous waterfalls. Kune Falls and Madap Falls are two of the most popular waterfalls in Lonavala that demand a visit - the former peaking at 200 m while the latter located at a height of 120 m. The trek to these waterfalls, through rugged hills, rice fields, forests and rivulets is in itself an exhilarating experience, and perfect for those looking for some adventure.

Tiger s Point-Places in Lonavala to visit in winter

Trek in the hills of Western Ghats

If you are looking for adventure, head out to one of the many treks that Lonavala is known for. Trips to Rajmachi Fort, Tiger Point, Korigad Fort or Duke's Nose Point entail relatively easy treks, ideal for beginners or mid-level trekkers. These treks can be completed in a few hours and are known for exposing trekkers to enchanting views and charming sunsets and sunrises.