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Finding the Best Sunset & Sunrise in Lonavala


In the lap of the Sahyadris, Lonavala, with its verdant hills and panoramic landscapes, offers an enchanting canvas for nature's breathtaking displays—sunrises and sunsets. Every dawn and dusk is a mesmerising spectacle, painting the sky with hues that linger in your memories. Let us look at the best sunrise and sunset points in Lonavala.

Khandala Ghat Viewpoint

As dawn breaks, Khandala Ghat Viewpoint emerges as a haven for serenity. Nestled along the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, this vantage point to view sunrise in Lonavala invites early risers to witness nature's grandeur. The sweeping views from this elevated spot capture the essence of a tranquil sunrise, painting the valleys below with a warm, golden glow. Khandala Ghat Viewpoint is a picturesque start to the day, where the sun's first rays gently illuminate the landscape, creating a breathtaking spectacle for those who seek a moment of quiet reflection.

To reach Khandala Ghat Viewpoint, take the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and drive towards Lonavala. As you ascend the ghats, keep an eye out for the viewpoint signs. A short drive from Lonavala town, it offers a convenient and breathtaking start to your day.

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Lion's Point

Lion's Point unveils a mesmerising sunrise panorama in the heart of Lonavala. As the daybreak casts its enchanting light on the rolling hills, this elevated spot becomes a haven for those seeking the perfect sunrise spectacle. The tranquillity and beauty at Lion's Point during the early morning hours make it the ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike, capturing the magic of dawn in the Sahyadris.

Access Lion's Point by following the INS Shivaji Road. The route takes you through scenic landscapes, and once you reach the parking area, a short walk leads you to the viewpoint. The journey to witness the sunrise here is as enchanting as the destination itself.

Bushy Dam

As the sun gracefully descends, Bushy Dam transforms into a tranquil haven for witnessing the enchanting sunset. This Lonavala sunset point offers a picturesque ambience, reflecting vivid hues of twilight on its serene waters. Visitors can savour the peaceful beauty of the surroundings as the sun bids adieu, creating a hypnotic interplay of light and shadows. Bushy Dam, during sunset, is an idyllic retreat for those seeking serenity and a connection with nature's canvas.

Situated on INS Shivaji Road, Bushy Dam is easily reached by following the directions. The journey to the dam is a delightful drive through Lonavala's lush surroundings. It is recommended to arrive well before sunset to find a comfortable spot by the water.

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Tiger Point

Perched on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Tiger Point becomes a captivating stage for nature's grand finale as the sun sets over the Sahyadris, making it arguably the best sunset point in Lonavala. This elevated vantage point offers a breathtaking panoramic view, with the descending sun casting vibrant hues across the sky. As the landscape transforms into a silhouette, Tiger Point provides a serene and picturesque setting for those seeking to embrace the tranquillity and beauty of Lonavala's twilight hours. A perfect conclusion to the day's journey!

Tiger Point is located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Follow the signs, and as you approach, a parking area awaits. The winding roads leading to Tiger Point offer glimpses of the picturesque landscape, preparing you for the breathtaking sunset ahead.

Tips for the Journey

  • Plan your visit during weekdays to avoid crowds and fully immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature.
  • Carry a camera or smartphone to capture magical moments during sunrise and sunset.
  • Dress comfortably and consider bringing a light jacket, especially during early morning visits.

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