The facade of Rhythm Lonavala with a pool at the front - Rhythm Lonavala

A Culinary Symphony in the Hills: Famous Restaurant in Lonavala


Lonavala beckons travellers with its scenic beauty and charming atmosphere. But beyond the breathtaking views lies a haven for gourmands – Rhythm Lonavala, a multifaceted culinary destination offering a symphony of flavours and ambiences. Rhythm Lonavala offers a collection of four unique dining experiences, each catering to a distinct mood and palate. Let's delve into the culinary delights that await you at this iconic Lonavala establishment.

The Treehouse Cafe

The Treehouse Cafe, aptly named for the magnificent tree that graces its entrance, is a multi-cuisine all-day dining haven. This signature restaurant boasts a vibrant atmosphere with a display kitchen, allowing guests to witness the culinary artistry firsthand. Whether you crave a hearty breakfast buffet to fuel your day's adventures or a leisurely a-la-carte dinner, The Treehouse Cafe caters to every whim. The diverse menu offers a global culinary journey, encompassing Indian favourites, Continental delights, and Asian specialities.

The cafe features cosy interiors with colourful chairs - Rhythm Lonavala
Cedar restaurant features wooden interiors and an elegant dining arrangement - Rhythm Lonavala


Ascend to new culinary heights at Cedar, Rhythm Lonavala's exclusive rooftop restaurant. This colonial-era gem transports you to a bygone era with its elegant decor and warm ambience. Opt for indoor seating or soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding hills from the outdoor terrace. Cedar isn't just about the aesthetics; it also boasts an extensive menu. Indulge in different cocktails and mocktails meticulously crafted by skilled bartenders. The extensive selection of gins and vodkas promises an unforgettable experience. Cedar also caters to private events and sports screenings, making it the perfect venue for an unforgettable gathering.

The Courtyard Bistro

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city at The Courtyard Bistro, a charming alfresco dining outlet. Surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant flowers, this restaurant offers a tranquil escape with stunning poolside views. Picture yourself savouring a cup of steaming chai with a plate of crispy pakoras as the sun dips below the horizon while the gentle melody of birdsong and the cool evening breeze create a truly idyllic setting. The Courtyard Bistro's menu features a selection of light bites and refreshing beverages, perfect for a relaxed and rejuvenating experience.

Centrepiece on dining table - Rhythm Lonavala
freshly baked bread displayed  on the counter - restaurant in Lonavala

3 Urns

Step into 3 Urns, Rhythm Lonavala's bakery haven. This delightful cafe, located at the lobby level, welcomes you with the aroma of freshly baked bread. The in-house bakery uses only the finest ingredients to create a delectable selection of loaves available for purchase. Indulge in the signature sandwiches, melt-in-your-mouth cookies, and a cup of invigorating coffee. 3 Urns is a haven for coffee aficionados, offering a variety of brews to suit every taste bud. Don't forget to grab some to-go snacks from this gem for your return journey.

Beyond the Restaurants: Catering Excellence

Rhythm Lonavala goes beyond offering exceptional dining experiences within its premises. We extend our culinary expertise by catering to private and social events at bungalows in Khandala or Lonavala. Imagine indulging in a gourmet feast amidst the breathtaking scenery of the hills, with Rhythm Lonavala taking care of every detail.

Food Catering at a Lonavala restaurant and bar - Rhythm Lonavala

The next time you find yourself in Lonavala, be sure to embark on a culinary adventure at Rhythm Lonavala. Rhythm has a collection of the best famous food in Lonavala sure to create memories that will linger long after your visit. This 5-star resort ensures a memorable stay with opulent suites, an affluent spa and a massive swimming pool.