Rajmachi trek

Top 5 Treks in Lonavala

The peaceful hill station of Lonavala is one of the greatest tourist destinations. It is in close proximity to metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune where you can experience true solitude and joy. The expansive green valleys and trekking trails that can be found here are invigorating and refreshing. Here is a list of the top 5 Lonavala trekking spots that you should visit.

Rajmachi Fort Trek

Starting from the base of the Udhewadi village, the Rajmachi Fort trek is a 16 km trek. Visitors can approach this trek from either Lonavala or Karjat. The trek from Lonavala exposes explorers to a relatively easier climb, which accounts for more time, whereas commencing the trek from Karjat leads to a more adventurous journey.

Rajmachi trek
Fort top

Korigad Fort Trek

The serene Korigad Fort is another famous Lonavala trekking spot. It stands at an elevation of over 920 meters above sea level. It is a 2-hour climb. Upon reaching the top, visitors can explore the fortifications and a 500-year-old gate, which is to this date almost completely intact.

Lohagad Fort Trek

Often described as one of the easiest beginner trekking places in Lonavala, the Lohagad Fort Trek is suitable for trekkers of all age groups and experience levels. It is a location of historical significance. The climb is relatively easy. Upon reaching the top, trekkers are exposed to four massive doors called ‘Ganesh Darwaaja’, ‘Narayan Darwaaja’, ‘Hanuman Darwaaja’ and ‘Maha Darwaaja’. The trek overlooks breathtaking views that make the trek a wholesome experience!

Lohagad Fort
Sunset view from hills

Tiger Point Trek

Not to be confused with neighbouring Lion Point, Tiger Point or Tiger's Leap, earns its name from keen observers who noticed its resemblance to that of a leaping tiger. Visitors during the monsoon season can revel in the sight of natural waterfalls formed along the many ridges of the valley. This Lonavala trekking point is one of the best treks amongst adventure-seekers.

Duke's Nose Point Trek

Another one of the many trekking places in Lonavala is the Duke's Nose Point. It got its name from Arthur Wellesley - the first Duke of Wellington. It is also called Nagphani, as the cliff resembles the flared hood of a cobra. The climb and descent take less than 5 hours, which makes it perfect for those looking to take a day off to enjoy gorgeous sceneries.

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