Weekend Destinations Near Mumbai

After a long week of work, everyone deserves a break from their busy schedule. We understand it is not always feasible to plan a week-long vacation to the Himalayas or Goa, but you can still experience bliss from the comfort of your city. Maharashtra is home to a plethora of picturesque landscapes surrounded by rich flora and fauna. How about taking a small break and heading for a short trip to these stunning destinations?

In this blog, we have hand-picked some stunning weekend destinations near Mumbai. Get your backpack ready and set out on an enthralling weekend adventure!


If you are craving a sojourn in the mountains, Lonavala is the place for you. Famed for its exuberant green mountains and alluring landscape, this blissful destination is located just 93 km from the ever-teeming city of Mumbai. The charming hamlet is set against a panoramic backdrop of rich cultural and historical heritage and boasts stunning lakes, beautiful waterfalls and marvellous caves. When in Lonavala, do not miss out on iconic landmarks like Lohagad Fort, Bhaja Caves, Tiger’s Leap, Karla Caves, Duke’s Nose and Bhushi Dam. The best time to visit Lonavala is during the winter. Tourists flock around the pristine Pawan Lake, an artificial lake reservoir for camping and trekking. It also features leisure sports perfect to satiate your inner adventure-seeker.


The rainy season in Lonavala reveals a mesmerising beauty. Be ready to be consumed by the effervescent beauty of the lush green forest enhanced magnificently by the rainwater. The rainy season is the best time to head out to see Tiger’s Leap and witness the cascading waterfall. To ensure you have an indelible time in Lonavala, we have the perfect place for you. Check out Rhythm Lonavala, one of the best weekend resorts near Mumbai. Graced with stylish accommodations and impeccable service, you are certainly in for a lovely time. The hotel comes with upscale dining options, a spa and leisure activities you can enjoy with your near and dear ones.


Little far from Mumbai resides the tranquil town of Matheran, Asia's only automobile-free hill station. This eco-sensitive region is bestowed with rich biodiversity featuring unique flora and fauna. Escape the dusty and congested metropolitan city and embrace the captivating natural beauty of Matheran. It has more than 28 viewpoints, waterfalls, lakes, dense forests and much more. Witness the loveliest sunrise and sunset with your loved ones from Panorama Point and Porcupine point, or relish the exquisite view of the misty mountains from One Tree Hill Point and Echo Point.

ashwini-chaudhary-monty-kwhbe49k mA-unsplash

The best time to visit Matheran is during the summer season. Go on a trek or camping along the glistening streams, or try adventurous sports like rappelling and zip-lining. Do not miss out on horse riding, as it is one of the primary modes of transportation in this town. Mahotsav is hosted every year during this season. The 5-day mega gala offers enigmatic live performances by local artists. Ease off from your hectic lifestyle and rejuvenate your soul amidst the pastoral glory of the mountains. And do not worry about lodging because Matheran is adorned with some of the best weekend resorts near Mumbai to ensure you have an incredible time.


As the saying goes, "High tides, Good vibes." Just 98 km from Mumbai is Alibaug, an enchanting coastal beauty from the Konkan region. The town is known for its beautiful sun-soaked beaches and tranquil ambience. Varsoli Beach, Mandwa Beach, Nagaon Beach, Alibaug Beach and Kolaba Fort are among the must-visit spots in Alibaug. These beaches are dotted with water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, and speed boating. Let the sheer adrenaline rush through your veins and give you a much-needed break while you relish the fresh breath of air. The best time to visit Alibaug is during the summer and winter seasons. Beat the summer heat and head to a pleasant getaway in Alibaug, or enjoy the lovely beaches with your loved ones in the cool winters.



​​​​​​​Kamshet is an enchanting hamlet situated against the exhilarating backdrop of the Western Ghats. Often called the parasailing capital of India, Kamshet offers an ethereal beauty of flora and fauna. It is surrounded by mighty hills, ancient temples and beautiful waterfalls, making it the epitome of serenity. Perfect weather that is coupled with ideal topography makes this city one of the best parasailing spots. Go for parasailing in these amazing Tower Hills, Shinde Wadi Hills and Shelar Cliff. If you want to go sightseeing check out Bedse Caves, Kondeshwar Temple, Bhairi Caves, Uksan Lake, Bhandar Dongar, Bhaje Waterfalls, and Ekvira. Winter is the perfect time to visit Kamshet. The chilly breeze guarantees you a delightful parasailing experience.