Camping near Pawna Lake

Best Places to Visit in Lonavala During the Monsoons

Let’s go through the best locations and popular attractions in Lonavala that travellers over the years have come, time and again to visit and fall in love with during the rainy season. By now, you know that there is no other place quite like this slice of heaven in Maharashtra, India, that beckons us quite so strongly with its simple beauty. Let’s dive right into it.

Pawna Lake

The first spot is occupied by none other than Pawna Lake, which is quite unsurprising to those who have already visited Lonavala. This idyllic lake is accentuated by the greenery around it. The smell of fresh, damp earth is the best feature during the monsoon season. Boating on the lake when the atmosphere is lively with birds chirping and flying about is an absolute joy. For those interested in a little more adventure during their journey, you also have watersports like jet skiing and parasailing. But the real reason Panwa Lake appears at the top of everyone's list of places to visit in Lonavala in monsoon is because of the camping experience. The sizzling barbeque nights, DJ sessions and party vibes make it an unforgettable sojourn.

Pawna Lake
Waterfall in Lonavala

Rajmachi Fort

Rajmachi Fort, built in the 17th century, is now a unique attraction that steals people's hearts as it bares the beauty of mother nature in all its splendour. A treat to the eyes, the trek to Rajmachi Fort is a sign of what the final destination harbours for you. The eye-stopping valley views and waterfalls that you pass by on this trail, especially during Monsoon is a gift from heaven. With raging greenery all around and the lively surroundings complimenting it, this trek will definitely make you a nature buff, if you weren't one already! Mobile connectivity fades and stops completely at different intervals, giving you the perfect excuse to be cocooned in the bosom of Mother Earth, far from the distractions of the modern world.

Tiger's Leap

With infinite views of the vast valley beneath, and little waterfalls that bare their heads during the monsoon season in every nook and corner, Tiger's Leap is a never-miss in any 'Places to visit in Lonavala in rainy season' itinerary. The vantage point at the top of the destination will surely give you butterfliesin your stomach, the good kind mind you! The cool, caressing breeze and the misty air that shrouds you on the way to the top of the hill surely make it worth the while, not to mention the hot snacks you can treat yourself to along the way!

Green valley view from a high vantage point
Stone archway with steps

Tikona Fort

Situated atop Tikona Peak at a height of 3633 ft. above sea level, Tikona Fort is a favoured one-day trekking destination. Comprising larger-than-life doorways and structures, this fort, or what remains of it from its glory days, resembles the layout of a triangle, and thus the name 'Tikona'. Apart from the stunning landscape that this location has to offer, the fort itself contains some interesting attractions within. The Buddhist and Satavahana Caves, the Trimbakeshwar Mahadev temple and the working stone wheel that was used as a lime mortar are the popular ones among them.

Khandala Ghat View Point

A part of the famous Western Ghats in India, Khandala is a peaceful hill station in these mountain ranges. Just like the lotus that heralds the rainy season, this place blooms like a flower during monsoon and gushes with waterfalls too! There’s also an ideal sunset point here. You can also spot plenty of monkeys on these roads and travellers feeding them. The clouds will snuggle you while you're on the trail, creating the illusion of walking above the clouds. This, therefore, goes without saying - the number of frames that photographers and tourists can snap a picture of, are endless!

Khandala hill station

That brings us to the conclusion of the best places in Lonavala to visit in Monsoon. What makes the monsoons in Lonavala such a delight is the combination of these awe-striking beauties combined with the piping hot snacks and street food. There is nothing like biting into a crispy hot vada pav in the chilly monsoon season and seeing the steam burst out as the combination of flavourful bread and pav hits the right spot! Not to mention the bhuttas, bhajiyas and several other favourites you can try. Speaking of favourites, the stay during your visit to Lonavala plays a major part in that wonderful experience making it all that you've read and more. And for that exact reason, choose Rhythm Lonavala - The only resort in Lonavala that surpasses your expectations and, like a conductor in an orchestra, brings the whole experience together!