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Magical Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Lonavala

Weddings are moments that one wishes to be perfect no matter what. So why not capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments and cherish them forever? It lets you revisit the moments in the future when the flashbacks surround you with nostalgia and bring back the memories that you once lived. Lonavala, a tranquil hill station 2 hours away from Mumbai, offers picturesque locations that make for a stunning backdrop for your cherished moments. Choose from a bundle of places in Lonavala for pre wedding shoots and pin those moments in your mind forever.

Tiger’s Leap

Located 2100 ft. above sea level, Tiger’s Leap is a favoured destination for beautiful pre wedding shoots. The view of this place resembles a tiger jumping off a cliff, hence its name. The picturesque panoramas and the lush green flora that surrounds this location are guaranteed to sway you. The freedom of shooting for free without any cost and time restrictions adds to the charm of this place, making it one of the best locations for pre wedding shoots in Lonavala.

tigers leap in Lonavala
view of the sky and the dam in lonavala

Bhushi Dam

The free-flowing water never stops regardless of the obstacles flung at it. Bring this metaphorical value to your pre wedding moments with the colossal Bhushi Dam as your backdrop! The dam stands on the majestic Indrayani River that stretches for about 92 km after originating from the Western Ghats. The consortium of the river and the dam gives birth to the famous Bhushi Lake. The melody of the water gushing through the dam, which remains cloaked under the misty air makes the landmark exceptional!

Bhaja Caves

If you are looking for a unique location for a pre wedding shoot in Lonavala, then Bhaja Caves is the right choice for you! Adorned with Buddhist sculptures dating back centuries, the rocky cave introduces a rustic charm to your photoshoots. The cave is also close to a nearby lake - the perfect cherry on top that brings your idea of a magical shoot to life! Capturing a tale of eternal love at this national monument, with your voices echoing as you share moments of laughter between takes, indeed accounts for unforgettable memories. Due to being a hidden gem, planning for photoshoots here during the weekdays also gives you more privacy.

bhaja caves in lonavala
view of the sky and fort

Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh Fort has a fascinating history attached to it. Situated at 3400 ft. above the ground, amidst the Sahyadri mountains, the fort was once considered impregnable. It has witnessed the reign of many Maratha rulers, the great Chhatrapati Shivaji being one of them. If you desire a more regal pre wedding shoot, then booking this landmark is definitely crucial! To amplify the shoot, you and your beloved can also dress up in costumes and feel royal. Pose with the love of your life as the chilly breeze caresses you and share giggles while shooting!

Rhythm Lonavala

Abundant with beautiful scenery put together by Mother Nature, our resort is a serene destination with a sparkling charm to it. The aura of this place, accompanied by its verdant greenery and blissful ambience makes our resort one of the best pre wedding shoot locations in Lonavala. Every nook and corner at Rhythm Lonavala is a picturesque spot where your idea of a perfect picture can come to life. This reminds us of the hectic schedules pre wedding shoots bring with them. Multiple takes, long hours of anticipation, and no breaks between shoots make it arduous to look fresh and energised. Thus, our resort offers comfortable stay options for you to be on your 100% during the best moments of your life! You can rest in our immaculate suites and feel refreshed right before the shoot.

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