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The Ultimate Destination Wedding Guide

With the rise of the ubiquitous influence of destination weddings, more people are interested in making their auspicious day unique. From picking the perfect backdrop for pre-wedding photoshoots to choosing the ideal wedding resort, there are several destination wedding planning tips that one should follow.

According to our destination wedding planning guide, the first step is to be gentle on your wallet! Understanding the budget without going overboard is extremely crucial. Once you have an outline of the expense, you can freely fill in the blanks with your ideas. After the budget is in place, picking the right location is the next step. We believe Lonavala can be one of the best wedding destinations for you! Packed with luxurious wedding resorts, Lonavala is every couple’s paradise. This hill station in Maharashtra is adorned with lush valleys that are crowned with ethereal mist. The abundance of scenic corners here will make your pre-wedding photoshoots stand out from the rest.

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Conducting a pre-wedding photoshoot is one of the most-recommended destination wedding tips. It is a way to commemorate the special day and cherish those moments forever. Credit to the picturesque panoramas of Lonavala, you will never find a location that is not worthy of featuring in your photoshoot. With green hills all around, you can stand at any point with your loved one and pose for a click or two!

Another vital point to remember when considering how to plan a destination wedding is to organise accommodations. Although the spotlight is undoubtedly on the newlyweds, it is necessary to create an indelible experience for the guests as well. Fortunately, Lonavala is big on wedding resorts! The charming town is filled with luxurious resorts that cater to both extravagant and economical crowds. If you are looking for accommodations that can help you with elegant accommodations as well as palatial wedding facilities, then Rhythm Lonavala is the place for you!

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Rhythm Lonavala promises an unforgettable stay amidst foggy nature! Our resort offers four different classes of accommodations that are decked with cutting-edge facilities for an intimate sojourn. Your guests will definitely feel special and more than welcome! The rooms are given a heritage appearance with warm decor and artisan flooring. The guest treatment here is five-star with no room for compromise.

Apart from being the ideal resort for a memorable stay in Maharashtra, Rhythm Lonavala is known for being a wedding resort as well as the perfect getaway for couples and honeymooners. Our resort has an exclusive wedding management team who stays by your side throughout the entire process, making sure your special day goes smoothly. The team is adept at decorations and catering. The banquet halls can be decked with scintillating decorations to enhance the appearance of your big day. Our luxury resort offers both indoor event halls as well as outdoor lawns that can comfortably accommodate more than 250 guests.

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So if you are planning the perfect wedding destination, follow our tips and book a grand stay at Rhythm Lonavala!