Rajmachi Fort Lonavala

Best Picnic Spots in Lonavala

The hill station of Lonavala is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year. There is something to catch the eye of everyone, no matter how varied your interests are. There are lush green valleys, spectacular hilly views, misty mornings, imposing forts and cool waterfalls, all of it making this quaint location an Eden of sorts. These are the best picnic spots in Lonavala for a 1-day trip.

Rajmachi Fort Lonavala

Considered as a protected monument, Rajmachi Fort in Lonavala is situated 3600 ft. above sea level. Built on the Sahyadri Range, it overlooks the lush valley beneath it and is one of the must-visit Lonavala picnic points. There are two trekking paths to reach the peak of this fort. One is from the Udhewadi village side where you can drive up to a significant distance and then trek for 30 minutes to reach the zenith, while the other is for wanderlusts. This path takes about 3-4 hours to climb and is a unique experience.

Distance from Lonavala: 231.3 km

Rajmachi Fort
Tiger s Point-Places in Lonavala to visit in winter

Tiger's Leap

Named so because of the resemblance of the point to a tiger leaping into the valley, this Lonavala picnic spot finds its way into most travel suggestion lists, articles and videos, no matter the time and age. Highlights of this place are the waterfall, the echo point, and the stupefying sunrise and sunset views.

Distance from Lonavala: 11.8 km

Aamby Valley

Aamby Valley is a charming township located around 24 km from Lonavala. Opening its gates to the uber-rich in 2006, this is the perfect picnic spot near Lonavala where you can enjoy absolute peace and tranquillity with your loved ones. A harmonious coming together of human skills and natural beauty, this luxurious township features 3 artificial lakes, a lagoon with an artificial beach, a golf course spread across 256 acres, shopping complexes, restaurants, an airstrip and helipad of its own, and all of this cocooned in the arms of the Sahyadri Ranges!

Distance from Lonavala: 24.6 km

Aamby Valley
Camping near Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake

Imagine a lake in a picture-perfect landscape that offers mind-blowing visuals. In the distant panoramic views, you see the outline of towering forts and now, you have set up camp near its waters which is nothing short of a once in a lifetime experience! Wake up to the mist-kissed lake gleaming with the azure and gold of the skies, a world of green all around and just energising air. Now imagine it twice as better. That is what Pawna Lake is all about.

Distance from Lonavala: 33.3 km

Canyon Valley

Stretching as far as the eye can see, is the canyon valley bridging Lonavala and Khandala. Also called the Valley of Shadows due to the elongated shadows that the rocks blocking off the sun creates, this area is a treat to the eyes. The expansive panoramic views, the interspersed stretches of greenery, signifying life and vitality is all part of its allure. The waterfall here is another prominent reason why tourists are attracted to this location.

Distance from Lonavala: 4.5 km


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